Skin Preparation

We all know so well how important it is to get the skin well prepared to get a tan but we all too sometimes don’t have the time or are in a hurry.

Ok, best thing is ALWAYS prep the skin day prior to tanning. Wash all well, EXFOLIATE all well (not hard just very well) so on the day of your tan you don’t need to rush.

Believe me, weekly tanners need more care because sometimes there is not time enough for the tan to go or completely been removed so make sure moisture skin and exfoliate very very well! You pay a good money to get a tan so don’t let it look cheap when fading.

If you only get a tan sporadically make sure you moisturise your skin a week prior, specially if don’t care much about it usually.

One other thing, Very moisturising soaps should be avoided prior tanning as they can create a barrier too and tan won’t work as well.


Karina your Personal Tanner

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