Bracelets for a good cause

Hi all my TANNED lades and Gents.

You might have already seen them or if you haven’t visit my shop and check out the pretty minimalistic bracelets I have been making.

The proceeds from all sales is going towards helping me to bring my sisters and their families for a visit to Australia. Most of you know I am Brazilian and have been living here for over 12 years now.  I have two sisters back in Brazil that have never come for a visit, not because they don’t want to but because it is very hard for them to come and bring their families (very expensive on their currency).

Well thinking about that and MISSING them loads I came up with this little cute bracelets idea. I learnt to make them and decided that I could help my sisters.

Well, I accept suggestions, comments, sharing, loving and shopping 🙂

Each sale counts. ALL and EVERY cent is going to them, to help with flights and spending money.

My eldest sister is Paula.  She is a dentist by profession but for 3 years now she has been blogging about gluten free and wheat free. She has an very successful Instagram account in Brazil @viversemtrigo and has a Youtube account too.   She travels around Brazil teaching people how to make her yummy gluten free breads. Paula is married and has twins 12 years old now.

Dannielle is the second eldest sister, she is a Nutritionist and is a single mum.  She lives with mum and dad for support with the kids. She has two kids too.

This is  little bit of them, very little!

Well you can always shoot me an email if would like to order or would like a different colour or size.

Lots of love

Karina, your Personal Tanner


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