Professional In-home Spray Tanning

If you’ve ever experienced a spray tan then you know just how amazing that sun kissed glow leaves you feeling.

For those yet to be spray tanned then you don’t know what you are missing. You may have shied away from a spray tan in the past because you’ve seen people with what is very obviously a fake tan.  A properly applied spray tan will not leave you with the Oompla Loompa look. When it is obvious that a fake tan is fake then it is neither a good look nor a well applied tan.

You can be assured a spray tan from Personal Tanner will be a professionally applied tan matched correctly to your skin tone.

If you’re feeling due for that boost that a spray tan delivers but work, kids, and life just seems to stand in the way of scheduling a visit to the salon then consider a mobile spray tan.  Aside from making you look and feel fabulous, choosing to have a mobile spray tan in your own home has  lots of other benefits:

  • There is no mess, you just need a power outlet and a small space for a pop-up tent that will catch any overspray
  • The appointment only takes up 15 minutes of your day, including set-up and pack-up
  • If you’re a homemaker then the kids can play while your tan is applied
  • If you work from home you can let your tan develop while you keep working
  • No worries about leaving the salon on a hot and humid sticky Brissie day or a rainy day and having sweat or rain spoil your tan by causing it to develop unevenly
  • No more “seat belt tan lines” from the drive home, or worse still, no need to jeopardize your license or safety by not wearing a seat belt at all.

So what are you waiting for? Book in your mobile spray tan today.

Choose your location and Click to Check Available Appointment Times within Brisbane for:

Brisbane Central & CBD from $45 Brisbane Eastern Suburbs from $45
Brisbane Northside from $65 Brisbane Southside  from $55
Brisbane Western Suburbs from $65 Brisbane Bayside $75

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